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Audrey Boyce

Audrey is the founder and CEO of Audrey Boyce LLC, Leadership and Wellness Coaching Services.  She is a Disc Personality Consultant with over 31 years of experience as a Registered Nurse.

Audrey has worked in various clinical settings caring for hundreds of patients in several specialty areas.  These include hospitals, Homecare, hospice, Senior Living Communities, and a Faith community serving as a Faith Community Nurse.

As a leadership Coach, Audrey works with Nursing and healthcare leaders to develop their leadership and communication skills to build strong and cohesive teams that can break through any barriers without getting burned out themselves while doing so.

Audrey brings her life story of receiving a dream while only a kid of becoming a nurse and the struggles and triumphs she has experienced through her life journey.

Her unique perspective combines coming from a poor country and experiencing the American dream and what can happen when we lose track of our purpose and true calling.

As a Speaker, Audrey has spoken on Nurses’ platforms, churches, Women’s retreats, Nursing colleges, and Senior living communities. 

Some of her speaking topics include.
1.  Called to greatness. 
2.  Built of broken pieces.
3.  Moving from burnout to breakthrough and abundance.
4.  You are needed. 

Audrey connects with her audience to add value and provide information to move beyond where they are to where they want to be.  She inspires and motivates her audience to reach their goals so that they can, in return, add value to others.

Audrey is available for speaking engagements, Wellness and Leadership coaching, and Nurse Support. 

Audrey Boyce portrait

CCM Certified Case Manager

Duke Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach

BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Brenau University

MSL Master of Science from Walden University

NBHWC National Board of Health and Wellness Coach


John Maxwell Team Certified 

Speaker, Trainer and Coach

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