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Goal Setting for success

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Start believing in YOU!

In this program, you will learn how to set goals, and also how to work towards those goals at the right pace for you.

  • Why is it that we can have the biggest dreams, but our real life doesn’t reflect what’s in our imagination? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could turn your dreams into reality?

  • Dreams inspire us. But dreams alone don’t lose weight and keep it off, live a life filled with energy and vitality, nor pay off debt. 

  • You may have heard it said that a goal is a dream with a plan. 

  • Most people have set goals that they haven’t achieved.  Goal setting has to be done properly, step by step, to be effective.

  • Goals help us plan for the future and are a way for us to make our dreams come true. 

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Stress Management

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This course will challenge the common belief that stress is harmful to our health, help you to rethink your attitude about stress, and teach you how to cope with, accept, and even embrace the stress in your life.


  • Everyone knows how bad stress is for your health and happiness. 

  • It can cause all sorts of problems like insomnia, muscle tension, and stomach pain, and if left untreated can lead to health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. But what if everything you thought you knew about stress is wrong? 

  • Throughout the course, you’ll also find plenty of practical exercises to help you apply what you learn along the way.


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Taking control by letting GO!

The Super Sleep challenge

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Making Sleep a Priority!

  • Sleep impacts our mind, body, and performance — which in turn impacts everything about us, every day, all day long. 

  • In this course you will learn our best strategies to help you get a great night’s sleep — super sleep — so that you can win the day, every day!

  • If you’re interested in improving your quality of life and overall well-being, getting super sleep every night is an excellent place to start. Happy, healthy, productive people know that getting enough sleep is key to their success, and now you know it too! This course will help you turn that knowledge into action.

  • Throughout the course, you’ll engage in practical, hands-on activities to help you apply all that you learn along the way, and improve your sleep one day at a time.


Ready to get a great night’s sleep? Then let’s find out how!


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1 Course


3 Courses


3 Courses and Group coaching for 6 weeks


VIP Package: All 3 Courses,
Group Coaching plus 6 sessions of 1:1

Coaching value is $1500.00