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A Word of HOPE!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023


Becoming a nurse was my dream!

I remember that day as if it were just yesterday; a few weeks after graduating from nursing school, I took a deep breath and walked into the large hospital building. The same building I had passed so many times before, only now I was walking in as a nurse, ready to start my career and make a difference in the lives of those I had the honor of caring for. It was a moment I had dreamed of for so long, and I was more than ready to take on the challenges ahead.

As I stepped into my first patient's room with my stethoscope around my neck, I felt immense pride and accomplishment for all my hard work and sacrifice. That feeling was quickly replaced with a warmth in my heart and a smile when I said for the first time, "I am your nurse."

I worked hard to turn my hope into reality of becoming a nurse. First, I dedicated myself to studying and passing the Board of Nursing exam with flying colors. Next, I applied for the job and impressed the employer during the interview. Finally, I took the first step toward my goal of a successful career in nursing.

When I was offered the position of Staff Nurse at Booth Memorial Hospital in Queens (now known as New York Medical Center of Queens), I didn't hesitate to accept. Even though the only shifts available were at night, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work at the hospital where I had hoped to work. I eagerly accepted the position enthusiastically and looked forward to the many experiences I would have as part of the hospital's team.

Hope is more than just having a belief or being optimistic. Jonathan Sacks puts it best: “Optimism is the belief that things will improve, while hope is the faith that together we can improve them. Optimism is a passive virtue, while hope is an active one. It is the drive to take action and change the world positively." With hope, we can create a brighter future and make it a reality.

Are you actively pursuing your hopes and dreams or just sitting back and wishing for the best? If you’re actively engaged in activities to help you reach your goals, you’re on your way to making those dreams a reality. However, if you have an optimistic feelings, it’s important to act to make them come true. What steps have you taken to ensure you’re working towards your desired outcome?

Hope begins with believing in yourself and your abilities. It then sets a clear goal that you can strive to achieve. With willpower and determination, hope helps you find creative pathways to make the desired changes. The spark of motivation keeps you pushing forward and believing in a brighter future.

Are you ready to take the next step and make your hopes and dreams a reality? Book a discovery call with me, and let's discuss how I can help you reach your goals. Please reply to this email, and let's get started!



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