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Nurse Self Care 



Audrey Boyce

At the age of 8, I helped a blind man cross a very busy intersection, and the happiness I felt from making a difference inspired me to become a nurse.


After completing nursing school, I embarked on a fulfilling career, dedicating myself to caring for others and making a positive impact on their lives. However, after years of working long hours, back-to-back shifts, nights, and weekends, all while raising a family, I experienced the symptoms of burnout that many nurses, nurse executives, and healthcare professionals face: elevated blood pressure, fatigue, and a lack of energy.

Though I continued to provide excellent care for my patients, I knew I needed to take a break and seek support. I reached out to a coach who provided the guidance and support I needed to prioritize self-care, reconnect with my joy, and gain clarity on my purpose. I learned the importance of caring for myself to better serve my patients. With
a renewed sense of excitement and purpose, I returned to work not only as a nurse but also as a nurse self-care coach, dedicated to supporting my colleagues who were experiencing the same challenges.


My mission now extends beyond caring for others; it includes empowering nurses, nurse managers, and healthcare professionals to prioritize their well-being and rediscover the joy in their careers. I also aim to help healthcare organizations create a wellness culture so they can retain their workforce and ensure employees are more engaged and productive.


Reviving Joy: Empowering Nurses Through Self-Care Coaching

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Our mission at is to empower nurses to prioritize their well-being, overcome burnout, and rediscover joy in their careers.


Through compassionate coaching and evidence-based strategies, we support nurses in their journey towards self-care and fulfillment.

Audrey Speaks

I am available for speaking engagements at organizations, retreats, colleges, and hospitals to address nurse burnout and the importance of self-care.


By inviting me to speak, you can expect increased job satisfaction, higher engagement, improved patient satisfaction, and reduced staff turnover among your nursing staff.


My presentations provide practical tools and strategies to manage stress, prevent burnout, and cultivate a healthier work-life balance, ultimately leading to a more resilient workforce.

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Can your life be different if you made a different decision?

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Empowering Nurses Through Self-Care

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Stories of Renewal

Knowing that someone is going to hold you accountable for your goals is important.  The goal that I continue to work on is taking the time to rest my mind and body in stillness.  I sleep better and my concentration is much improved as a result.

I definitely would recommend this coaching service.  I believe that everyone could benefit having a coach that is cheering you on and gently reminding you of what it is that you personally want to accomplish short and long term.  Thanks, Audrey!

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The main benefit from the coaching sessions is accountability.

Charcell, 2019

I enjoyed working with Audrey as my coach, and she has made a real difference in my life. Being a single mom of 3 school age sons, I  became imbalanced as I felt like I was operating on autopilot in almost a robotic zone trying to be the perfect mother while neglecting to care for myself in the process.  With help from Audrey, I was able to focus on ways I can add relaxation in my life. Initially, I thought I did not have a minute to spare. However learning the different ways how I can use relaxing exercises did not take away time from my day but instead, I had more energy to complete the things I had to do.


Audrey held me accountable for the things I had put into my action plan. It turned out my entire family has benefited from me having an integrative health coach.  

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 I would recommend  Audrey Boyce  to anyone who is wanting to make a change in their life.

Doreen, 2018

Three months after being diagnosed with high blood pressure my doctor wanted to add a second blood pressure medication because my blood pressure was still elevated.


I  wanted to improve my health rather than start on a second pill so I contacted Audrey Boyce.


She has been my coach for 4 months and I have been able to maintain my blood pressure within normal range by setting and following the goals I made for lifestyle changes. I am now exercising 3 days a week and have changed my diet to the DASH diet.

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 I  wanted to improve my health rather than start on a second pill...

Joy, 2019

Nurse Self Care 


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