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Dear Fellow Nurses

Patient and Nurse

Is work taking over your life? Do you constantly feel drained, stressed to the max, and like you have no time for yourself? I get it - as nurses, we tend to put ourselves LAST. But what if I told you there IS a way to get your energy and  happiness back while still succeeding at work?

Becoming a part of the 6 week self-care group coaching will help you to turn things around AND give you a taste of this transformative self-care way of living. You deserve to feel like YOUR best self again!. Click on the link below to register and start making caring for YOU a priority!

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In this interactive virtual coaching circle, you will:

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries and communicate your needs effectively at work

  • Discover stress management techniques to find calm amid chaos 

  • Cultivate self-awareness through journaling and mindfulness exercises 

  • Implement nutrition and fitness habits for increased energy and resilience 

  • Develop emotional intelligence skills for challenging situations 

  • Foster community and support with fellow nurses on the self-care journey

Contact me for upcoming Group Coaching Sessions!

With expert guidance tailored to the unique challenges nurses face, this program provides the structure, accountability, and support you need to make self-care an integral part of your life.

The investment is minimal compared to the immense value you will gain. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your nursing practice through the power of self-care.

Contact me for upcoming Group Coaching Sessions.

Nurse and Patient

The Empowered Nurse: A Recording of Our November 27 Webinar

Relive the insightful moments from our recent Empowering Nurses webinar held on November 27th. For those who couldn't join us live, we've got you covered.

Click the link below to access the full recording.

Audrey Boyce portrait

My name is Audrey Boyce and I am a former Burnt-out Nurse who has found purpose and passion and can provide you with the tools, tactics, and strategies you need to have more energy, manage stress, and create a work-life balance.

At the 15 years mark of my career of being a nurse and raising a family I suffered from exhaustion, fatigued and my blood pressure was elevated. I had no work-life balance, I was spreading myself thin, not knowing when to say No and  I neglected myself. Then it all came down!

After clocking out from my 7 PM-7 AM shift, I walked away from Nursing because I had to prioritize self-care. 


I got a coach who supported and guided me to reconnect with myself. What I discovered was that I love being a Nurse. I learned how to create the work-life balance I was desiring. So after one year, I returned to Nursing with clarity and confidence in my true purpose.


After 30 years in Nursing, I developed a process that has helped many nurses. 

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My name is Lorna, and I am a Registered Nurse.

I needed clarity. Prior to coaching, I had taken a work sabbatical.  I decided that maybe I could benefit from some coaching. I decided to reach out to you about your coaching service because I was burnout.

We spoke briefly and you explained more about the aspects of coaching and what to expect. I then made the decision to give it a try.

With each coaching session and with the use of your coaching tools; the trackers, questions and answers, journaling, and our discussions. It quickly became so clear to me that I had been on the right track!

Your coaching allowed me to confidently express and identify with my unique God-given gifts and talents. I continue to live out my passion with joy as I am impacting others and making a difference in their lives.

Thanks to your successful coaching service!


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Frequent Questions and Answers

1. What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is when a coach takes a group of individuals through a coaching journey together to achieve the desired outcome.

There's incredible energy and collective wisdom when doing group coaching that's different from 1:1 sessions, and it's this energy and insight that can rapidly get you to your goals.


2. Do you have a guarantee?


No one can guarantee a person's specific results from coaching, but I guarantee your satisfaction with the coaching process. If you're not content with the direction of coaching, please let me know, and we'll take the steps needed to return power to the coaching relationship. Your openness about what you want for your life and coaching is vital to our continuing success.

3. Is the Group Coaching program refundable?


There is a 100 % refund 24 hours before the first day of class. Once you have started the program, it is non refundable due to the level of confidentiality and intellectual properties that go into preparing and designing a group coaching program. If you cannot attend the program you signed up for, you have the option of attending another cohort within one year.



4. Is Group Coaching the same as Mastermind Group?


A group coaching program has content, structure, curriculum, and coaching from the person facilitating the program.

A mastermind has no content. The coach is a facilitator; the one who attracts the right people into the group.



5.  How many people will be in the Group Coaching program?


 It's about the connection, communication, and community that comes from you interacting with the coach and other group participants. For that reason the numbers do range from 4- 12 participants in each group.

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