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Empowering Nurses Through Self-Care

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Audrey Boyce

Transform Your Nursing Practice with Audrey Boyce!

Audrey Boyce, a Registered Nurse with 32 years of experience, certified Leadership and Wellness Coach, and Mindfulness practitioner, has written the ultimate guide to Empowering Nurses Through Self-care. With this groundbreaking book, Audrey hopes to help nurses take their self-care practice to a whole new level.

With her impressive career and expertise, Audrey is uniquely qualified to help nurses reach their goals. As a certified Leadership and Wellness Coach, she has coached nurses and nurse leaders and supported nurses experiencing burnout. With her extensive background and knowledge, Audrey has the tools to help nurses transform their practices and unleash their full potential.

Empowering Nurses Through Self-Care is the perfect guide for nurses looking to take their self-care practice to the next level and Develop their leadership skills. Audrey’s expertise is invaluable; she has the skills to help you reach your full potential and thrive in nursing.


Begin your journey to success today with Audrey Boyce and Empowering Nurses Through Self-care.


I truly enjoyed this book

This book is a wonderful guide to aid healthcare workers on methods to
maximize self-care while providing quality patient care.  The format allows the reader to stop and reflect on themselves which lends itself to improving the quality of care they will ultimately provide to their patients and families while
fostering effective communication with their team members. 
Your assessment of the stressors faced by healthcare workers was spot on and the reflection and advice provided with the pages of this book are things that can easily be implemented into their daily routine. Well done Ms. Boyce.

Sarah A. Williams-Brown, RN, MSN, CCRN-K

Amazing Women Empowerment Book

Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2023

The compassionate tone and nursing-focused application make this book a trusted resource. As an oncology nurse, I face both physical and emotional demands that
require intentional self-care to manage. This book broke down practical ways to prioritize my needs even with a packed schedule - like collaborating with my unit to have
walking meetings rather than sitting in a conference room. Small tweaks make a big difference!
Any nurse tasked with caring for others needs to read this guide to caring for themselves! I love how actionable and inspiring each chapter is while still validating the
challenges we face.

Jamie Yali

Never too late to start self-care

Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2024

As a retired nurse,I appreciate how this book doesn't view self-care for nurses as a luxury but a necessity tied directly to patient outcomes and staff retention. It is never too
late to start self-care. The advice is applicable for any profession and for every stage of your life. I like the mindfulness practice and how using gratitude are ways to overcome

Phyllis Thomas

About Empowering Nurses Through Self-Care

In Empowering Nurses Through Self-Care, Audrey Boyce, a Registered Nurse and Certified Leadership and Wellness Coach, offers a practical guide to helping nurses find balance and fulfillment in their lives and their profession. Drawing from her personal experience as a nurse and her research in the field, Audrey provides a comprehensive overview of self-care strategies designed to help nurses recharge, reduce stress, and increase job satisfaction.

In the book , Audrey Boyce covers physical and mental health, work-life balance, and personal development. This book is designed to help nurses identify and prioritize their self-care needs and create a renewed sense of well-being. With a deep understanding of nurses'; challenges, Audrey offers a compassionate, empowering, and practical approach to self-care.

It is an essential read for any nurse who wants to take charge of their health and happiness and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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