Dear Fellow Nurses

How can your life be different if you made a different decision?

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I know you're a Nurse who got into nursing because you wanted to make a difference, you wanted to help others and you felt it more than a career, but was a calling.

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Becoming a nurse was a dream you had since  you were young and so when you became a nurse you were happy. All you wanted to do was to provide exceptional patient care, work for an organization that values you and enjoy your day offs with your friends and family.

Then after years of  caring for countless patients and working the long hours.....


.... you started to notice that the work life balance you were dreaming of was quickly disappearing. You were tired and fatigued. Sometimes it was exhaustion. Not only did you lack energy but you felt like you had loss focus of your purpose. Then hoping to feel better you may have even changed jobs thinking the next job was going to be better, but once again you found yourselves dissatisfied and disillusioned.

Then... you find yourself thinking Is there a better way?

I know I did!

What if I told you that there is a better way!

Unfortunately, I also get the sense there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out how to Stay safe and healthy.

Working in the pandemic has not been easy.

The nursing shortages and the many uncertainties are other areas that you feel helpless about and you constantly ask yourself

"How can I enjoy what I do as a Nurse?” 

Imagine,  day's off from work without feeling tired, exhausted and overwhelmed. But rather you are experiencing feelings of happiness, contentment and relaxation. Spending more time with your family,  performing self care  and  being fully present for the things that really matters. ( How amazing that would be!)

My name is Audrey Boyce and I am a former Burnt out Nurse who has found purpose and passion and can provide you with the tools, tactics, and strategies you need to  have more energy, manage stress and create the work life balance.
At the 15 years mark of my career of being a nurse and raising a family I suffered from exhaustion, fatigued and  my blood pressure was elevated. I had no work life balance, I was spreading myself thin, not knowing when to say No and  I neglected myself.
Then it all came down!


After clocking out from my 7 PM-7 AM shift, I walked away from Nursing because I had to prioritize self-care. 


I got a coach who supported and guided me to reconnect with myself. What I discovered was that I love being a Nurse. I learned how to create the work-life balance I was desiring. So after one year, I returned to Nursing with clarity and confidence in my true purpose.


After 30 years in Nursing I developed a process that has helped many nurses. 

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The Peaceful path of work


Group coaching



                                             What You’ll Get 


  • a combination of in-depth and detailed instruction and hands-on activities to help you understand the core concepts of mindfulness and how to make it practical and relevant for your lifestyle.

  • Experiential activiites to help foster problem solving, experimentation, curiosity and creativity in a safe and supportive community

  • Access to online course, workbooks and template 

  • A 30 minutes  1: 1 coaching session 


Plus, you’ll begin to discover as you progress with your practice, that mindfulness is having a positive impact on other areas of your life in addition to your primary goals. A natural effect of mindfulness’ beneficial power!