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Merry Christmas!

Dear Nursing Friends,

The holiday season is upon us! I wish you much joy and peace during this particular time of year.


As we enter the holiday season, let us take a moment to remember the nurses who worked tirelessly during this time. They face immense pressure to balance the extra holiday expectations on top of their demanding workload and duty of care. Many nurses have spent holidays on the hospital floor instead of with their families.


I have learned that nurses deserve care and refilling, too. This season, please permit yourself to slow down and release the pressure of holiday perfection. Embrace imperfection and savor the small moments. Take a moment to reflect on the gifts already present in your life and find gratitude in restful sleep, warm shelters, and winter's beauty.


I vividly remember one Christmas morning, after working my 2-holiday shift in a row, I was working the weekend option. I dragged myself through the front door just minutes before my excited 6-year-old bounded downstairs to see if Santa had come. In a split second, I realized I'd have to quickly throw out the cookie and milk she left out the night before not to disappoint her. As I emptied the glass into the sink, my heart broke hearing her joy that "Santa finished the treats and filled the stockings!"



I urge you to pause and cultivate gratitude among the dizzying holiday hustle and bustle. In the quiet moments between tasks, reflect on the gifts already present in your life – big and small. Feel thankful for your health and ability to care for others. Appreciate the support of family and friends who accompany you on this journey. Find gratitude in restful sleep, warm shelters, and winter's beauty.


Consider what self-care gifts you can unwrap - nourish your body and spirit. To support your journey, I'm offering my free ebook, "The Nurse's Guide to a Peaceful Path to Work," to help you establish mindfulness despite holiday busyness. In addition,  schedule a free discovery call to learn how my personalized approach supports your ongoing mindfulness and self-care practices.


You deserve compassion as much as anyone you treat. I hope you feel deeply seen this season. If you feel overwhelmed, I hope you can rediscover meaning and purpose to carry you into the new year. Peace and blessings!



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