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Let me help YOU!!


For Individuals

Wellness Coaching empowers individuals through a holistic approach to make lasting behavior changes.

An Integrative Health and Wellness Coach focuses on the whole person, with YOU in the center. YOU may begin working on different areas of health and wellness that are all interconnected to your overall health and wellbeing – mind, body, and spirit. These include:​​



Personal and Professional Development

Mind-Body Connection

Movement, Exercise, and Rest


Physical Environment

Relationships and Communication

Let me help you

What if you
can lose the weight and
keep it off or lower your
blood pressure
without adding
another pill?

We will work together on creating a plan that works best for you that is  based on your values and resources. As your coach, I will listen to you and support you based upon your personal preferences and past experiences. It does not matter where you are in life...Change is possible. Take the next step >>>


For Primary Care Providers


Are you frustrated that your chronic disease patients are not getting the outcome you so desperately want for them?

We will set up the Real Balanced Connected Care Program to support your practice in being succesfull in  managing your  patients with chronic conditions. The Chronic Care Management(CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM) program can be implemented within a couple of weeks and you will start seeing the benefits within the first month.


The Benefits are:

  • Improve Patient Health Outcomes

  • Decrease Patient ER visits and hospitalization

  • Increase Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

  • Increase Revenue

  • Provider Satisfaction and Support

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For Senior Living Communities


 Chronic disease is the single most threat within an overloaded  healthcare system, seniors are often overlooked and underserved.


Senior living communities are now filling that gap and providing health and wellness coaching services for their residents. We can help you design a plan that suits your community needs. It can be a couple of hours a week to a full day of services. This is an added value in  assisting seniors to have an easy  access to a partner in care. It also allows them to remain independent for a long time.

The good news is that wellness and leadership group coaching is not only beneficial for residents but also for employees. A well workplace is a happy workplace!  For this reason employees  who have access to a wellness and personal development programs  feel valued and cared for.


       Additional Benefits

  • Reduce overall medical cost

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Encourage and cultivate positive communication

  • Improve team members' overall wellness

  • Prevent employee burnout

  • Build stronger and more cohesive teams


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Workshops and Retreats

Imagine a day or a few days where you are fully engaging in a topic or interest you have such as “happiness in spite of illness” or “ discovering your best health” . These workshops and retreats will be offered twice a year and as a bonus will  includes access to the online courses.


Whether you are looking to improve your health or manage a specific disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure. There is a course for you. Are you tired of the yo yo dieting...there is a course for you. What if you are tired sitting on the couch or is looking for self development for career and  leadership then you can have access to over 20 courses.

Individual and  group coaching

Individual coaching is working with one client on their journey to reach their unique goal. The coach guides, motivates and empower the client to make the changes.

Group coaching offers a supportive environment to work through like issues  and support others as you grow.

Both settings deliver powerful insights and awareness so you can reach your desired goal and are offered in person, by phone or other virtual platform like Zoom.

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